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5th of March 2004 (Fri), 11:37
Now can you all imagine what lovely pictures I could be posting for your viewing pleasure.... if I owned a nice Canon EF 600mm f-4.0L IS USM ...


Not very often you get to see such beautiful creatures hovering over your house where I am so this was a real opportunity.

If anyone wants to make an investment in their future viewing pleasure please donate via Paypal to kathrynoldman@btconnect.com

If this fails then I can always consider adding a few thousand onto the mortgage I'll soon be getting to pass off as 'maintenance/furniture' costs...

:lol: :lol: :wink:

5th of March 2004 (Fri), 19:47
You need moral support as well as financial so let me be the first to offer :lol: :lol:

Now if you pull this off how about help me do the same :?


5th of March 2004 (Fri), 20:04
What about a Bake Sale?

We could try begging at the Airport?

8th of March 2004 (Mon), 05:01
or maybe a bake sale at the airport!

8th of March 2004 (Mon), 07:32
Before you start a bake sale at the airport you better make sure you don't get robbed:

ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Some criminals apparently have no shame.

Five girls aged 7 to 14 running a lemonade stand from the front yard of a home say they were robbed of their day's earnings — about $50 in a mason jar. They were able to give police a good description of the thief, who bought lemonade from the girls before robbing them.

The suspect is described as a high school-age boy with a pierced lower lip and a goatee.

Megan Trautmann, 12, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the thief "bought lemonade from us, and when he put the cup down on the table, he picked up our money jar and ran away."

Two of the girls ran after him screaming, she said, but he jumped in a getaway car with two others. The car had the phrase "I love seniors" painted on the back window.

"It was kind of like a bank robbery with all these guys and a getaway car," the girl said.

A neighbor was able to get a license plate number for the car, which authorities are trying to trace. Police said they were determined to get justice in this case, which they described as "pretty despicable."

www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/CrimeBlotter/ crimeblotter010717.html

8th of March 2004 (Mon), 08:39
Sadly I have already dipped too much into my life savings and sent it off to total strangers that I've never even met so that they could buy expensive and nice things without actually earning the money. :cry:

It is too bad you've turned to begging on the Internet. :(

8th of March 2004 (Mon), 10:13
Keep trying!
This was shot, full frame with a 200mm on Tri-X (That's a B&W film, in case you wondered where the setting was on your cam! )
Shutter speed was somewhere around 1/2 to 1 sec. I used a red filter to turn the blue sky dark, + an ND filter (or two). The f-stop was maxed at f-22.
This was printed at 16" X 20". Why did I use a fast film? (ISO 400). Because I like the combination of blur & grain. I use it a lot. You can't see the full effect here as it tends to mush together in a small image, but I'm sure that you see what I was going for.


8th of March 2004 (Mon), 15:40

Yahoo will not allow the embedding of an image directly..

So just post the link in the future :)

8th of March 2004 (Mon), 16:22
KO, I hear you. I'm in worse shape than you... I don't even have an SLR :shock:

So, for those who are almost willing to help KO, but feel her straights are not quite dire enough to warrant gifts... set thine eyes upon this pauper :(

I'd prefer a 1D MkII, but am willing accept a 10D, as not to offend the giver :wink: