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31st of January 2007 (Wed), 01:18
Three Arrested After High-Speed Pursuit

It started in the City of Industry on Tuesday afternoon. The suspects were wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. Deputies say the suspects fired shots at them. The chase came to an end on Imperial Highway in Brea, when the driver pulled onto the center divider.
One suspect jumped out and ran into a nearby dental clinic and barricaded himself inside.
Officers surrounded the building and he was brought out a short time later. Paramedics were called to make sure he was okay. The two other suspects were arrested at the scene.


Well I was passing by when this all happened, and now I work for my school newspaper so I have a press pass, I called my newspaper up told them what was going on and told them to get a writer over here. Well pretty much I had a few photos that other photographers didn't get, because the police were pushing them back well i slip to the other side of them and got a few good shots.. and here they are..

One of the suspects

Both women suspects in the back of the police car

Police following close behind




Skip Souza
31st of January 2007 (Wed), 02:04
Well captured. Good clear images. Excellent photojournalism.
I'm going to move this thread to Urban Life where I think it will be a better fit.
Keep up the good work.

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 02:10
Very nice job getting those. Good thing there were no innocent victims!

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 06:20
you did a good job...

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 07:16
great PJ indeed!

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 17:51
If anyone wants to read the article that my school wrote on it.. here it is


31st of January 2007 (Wed), 17:52

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 17:59
Did you ever figure out what was tattooed on his abdomen? I can see letters, but can make out any words...

great captures! Do you know whos dental office it was by chance?

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 18:01
I want to say it said 6 street if I am correct, I remmber someone telling me what it said..

And the dental office was Imperial Dental Care its right across from a acro station.

1st of February 2007 (Thu), 01:54
Couldn't tell from the story, were any innocent people hurt?

1st of February 2007 (Thu), 17:26
Good job excellent photojournalism. The guy looks like a gang banger.

1st of February 2007 (Thu), 17:45
Great PJ.

Nice crisp shots too.

1st of February 2007 (Thu), 18:01
The guy there looks like a MS13 member or something...

Nice pics btw, good journalism!

1st of February 2007 (Thu), 22:31
What is MS13?

Skip Souza
2nd of February 2007 (Fri), 01:02
MS13 is one of the most violent street gangs in the U.S. with original ties to El Salvador http://www.altereddimensions.net/crime/MS13Gang.htm

Locally 13 refers to the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, M, or "la eme" otherwise known as the Mexican Mafia a prison gang which historically came from southern California, the surenos, southerners. very territorial and very bad news. They are traditionally 'Blue Raggers."

Number 14, usually expressed as XIV or X4 are the Red raggers, the Nortenos, northerners, NF for "Neustra Familia" and are constantly at war with the blue raggers.
Where I live is historically northern gang territory but for the past several years there has been a bloody turf war with an influx of southerners.

End of sociology lesson :-)