View Full Version : How non-media photo friendly is Sebring?

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 09:43
Subject line sorta says it all. Are the 12 hours of Sebring like the Rolex 24 at Daytona in that the stands are essentially empty and you can walk anywhere? Can you get close to the fence without a media pass?

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 11:37
I haven't been in a few years, but unless there has been a dramatic change...the answer is that it will be just like Daytona...lots of spots to walk around to...without credentials. Plenty of viewing berms too.

I may even break down and go myself...just realized I am going to be in the Orlando area for that time frame.

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 11:50
Well, there are no more hotel rooms in the area, but I figure I'll drive down (from charlotte) on Friday early afternoon, park in their lot and sleep in my car, and go to the race, then drive back to Charlotte that night heh.

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 12:07
Plenty warm enough for camping in March...that's half the fun of going to the races.

31st of January 2007 (Wed), 13:42
Don't have a tent or a sleeping bag and on a college student budget. My 1985 S-Class Mercedes will be plenty of sleeping room for me hehe.