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4th of February 2007 (Sun), 17:44

I have some photo prints hanging at a local resturant. Im not sure wether to sign them and number them (how many in a series ??) What do others do?
This is a great forum, thanks everybody for sharing all their knowledge and skills.


Stuff Canon XTi kit lens, 80-200mm EF(nearly as old as me), 300mm L series and saving for the 70-200mm IS USM

4th of February 2007 (Sun), 18:14
If you are signing them I would use a silver paint pen, I don't know about the numbering though.

4th of February 2007 (Sun), 20:29
IMO you should sign and date them. Unless you really intend to make a series, I would not indicate the print is "eg, 1of 50". Dennis

4th of February 2007 (Sun), 22:01
Thanks guys

4th of February 2007 (Sun), 23:28
Is it your intent to make them a limited edition (ie. 3 of 25) or just plain number them sequentially. In order to be a LE print it normally has to be something that cannot be replicated again or very very hard to do that.

I do not sign or watermark the front of the large prints that I sell. It is on the back of the print itself and also on the back of the frame. It is an option to have the purchaser have me sign it. Given what the customers pay for these I think it is their right to have it either way.