View Full Version : Lit up icicle night shot

7th of February 2007 (Wed), 01:40
I looked out my balcony door and saw this tonight. One of my first shots with the 30D that came in today. I'd specifically like a cretique on the framing of the shot, especailly my balcony sort or framing the distant face of the apartment.

Thanks for looking and I'd appreciate and C&C you've got.

8th of February 2007 (Thu), 23:05
Jon, the icicle is very far away. Not sure what your focal length was on this shot but with your 135mm lens you should be able to zoom in much closer.

The framing element really doesn't help. If anything the contrast difference between the dark and the lit up icicle is the only thing that is helping. Framing can help bring the attention to a subject that is very small for the frame, but unfortunately not here.