View Full Version : Nixvue Digital Album II - Compatible CF Ultra II?

17th of March 2004 (Wed), 16:45
Greetings forum members!

I'm in the final planning stages of upgrading to a G5, and among the must-have accessories would appear to include portable storage for traveling.

The Nixvue Digital Album II looks like a good solution for my needs. I do wonder however if anyone has used SanDisk (or other) CF Ultra II cards successfully with this model?



18th of March 2004 (Thu), 03:28
I'm happy user of two SanDisk Ultra II 512 MB and an external reader USB2.0, with my G5.

18th of March 2004 (Thu), 08:06
Thanks Riccardo! :D

Do you also use a Nixvue Digital Album II? I'm not sure, from your answer?


18th of March 2004 (Thu), 09:48
I don't know why it shouldn't be compatible. But if you want to know for sure just take your CF-cards with you when you're buying it and try it out.

18th of March 2004 (Thu), 10:32
Thanks Peter. In my case, I'm ordering both the Nixvue and the CF card from B&H, and sent to an address in the US. I live in France, will visit in the near future...

Wait! I know - I'll call B&H and ask :lol: I've heard they're a clean outfit. I've lived in France for 10 years now, I generally don't get on the phone to ask that kind of question here - not worth the time ;-)


18th of March 2004 (Thu), 10:42
Here is an old 2001 review, I image that their technology did not go backwards since then.


At the end of the review, it shows what type of card it takes.


PS, pricey little thing though, you must take a lot of pictures

18th of March 2004 (Thu), 13:35
Thanks Robert.

Yes, the unit costs a sizeable fraction of a G5, (379 USD for the 30G model at B&H) but with the generous French vacation allowances, I'm awa y from my PC quite frequently, often for a week or two weeks at a stretch. I know, nice problem to have. 8)

I appreciate the link - indeed there aren't many reviews on this newer model of the Digital Album. One assumes it can handle the most recent cards - the current firmware version dates from November, I believe.


19th of March 2004 (Fri), 09:55
The website for this product says it supports CF I and II. It doesn't say anything specifically about the Ultra card you are talking about but if it supports both I and II CF, you will almost definitely be OK. Plus it is a brand new product and I am sure they would make it compatible with newer, faster CF cards. Have fun with your toys and all that vacation! :)