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19th of March 2004 (Fri), 18:46
I purchased three lenses and a flash all of which qualified for a rebate. I mailed in all of the necessary info in early January and in early February received an email that the rebates were approved, I never received the checks so I called the rebate center and they now are referring me to another organization that sends the checks. I called there and got no answer. Has any else gotten this type of run around ?

19th of March 2004 (Fri), 19:53
Remember... These rebates are slowwwwwwww... They all say 6-8 weeks, but I have had some take as long as four months. When did you send it in? I sent mine in early February. I don't expect to see a check for at least 2-3 more weeks minimum.

20th of March 2004 (Sat), 06:32
I sent it in early January.

20th of March 2004 (Sat), 08:46
Did you get an email from the rebate processors? I sent my paperwork in near the end of January, and I got several emails February 19 with a link to the rebate processing folks. The status at that time said they were in the final stages, and it still says that today. :?

Has anyone gotten their rebates yet :?:

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20th of March 2004 (Sat), 10:05
Yes I received four emails in early Feb from rebates.com. I called them yesterday and they referred me to another outfit "treasure" something that is in charge of cutting the checks. They are only open during normal office hours. I would think that Canon would assume some ownership here but it doesn't appear so.