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21st of March 2004 (Sun), 11:22
The forum was down for few moments because I tried to solve a problem with one topic "Short zoom lenses". There is no apparent problem and I even restored the texts table without problems, but there still is something going on which prevents that topic to open. Image code has nothing to do with it. Also, the same bug may affect posting if people try to open that faulty topic. Seems like MySQL table bug, but all tests and repair tools report no problems.

This is not my code, so I'll take a timeout and see what can be done. I'll try this same db on my home server to continue further checks.

I may have to close the forum for a moment on monday to make fixes, if I find them.

Meanwhile, DO NOT try to open thread "Short zoom lenses", please.

21st of March 2004 (Sun), 18:01
Seems to work for me now.

21st of March 2004 (Sun), 19:30
Yes, now it's ok. Must have been some MySQL cache thing. I'll keep an eye for more similar problems.