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26th of February 2007 (Mon), 01:38
First time night photography with the A630. What can I say - this little camera surely can perform even in low light ! Composing the shots is so easy with the rotating LCD - much easier than with my 10D.
It seems that the camera applies some sort of post-processing immediately after the actual exposure - the LCD says "Busy" for a few seconds. It's happening only after long exposures (>~1.5 seconds or so). A "black frame substraction" trick maybe ?
In addition, there seems to be a slight flare problem when bright sources of light are included in the frame. It really can be annoying - I would expect that the lenses on the latest P&S cameras would be less prone to aberrations like flare, after all we can't just change the lens on a P&S camera, can we ?

OK, here come the pictures from last night (ISO 80, tripod, 2-sec self-timer) :

Canon PowerShot A630
6s f/8.0 at 7.3mm

Canon PowerShot A630
4s f/8.0 at 7.3mm

Canon PowerShot A630
2s f/5.6 at 7.3mm

Canon PowerShot A630
3s f/5.6 at 7.3mm

Canon PowerShot A630
2s f/8.0 at 7.3mm

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 05:43
Excellent shots

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 07:40
great shots, you're giving the A6XX series of cameras a real good name.

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 08:58
Oleg, these pictures are awesome! any PP?

I try and capture like this and I get alot of noise

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 10:10
those are some great shots!!!:)

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 12:01
Thanks guys. I really love shooting with this little camera :D

Robukincan : the PP includes curves adjust, saturation increase (i use a velvia/provia action for this), resize and USM sharpening. As I mentioned, I used ISO 80, Manual mode 2-sec self-timer and a tripod (I have this little one (http://www.manfrotto.com/Jahia/709BR/site/manfrotto/cache/off?livid=68|69&idx=72)). There is some noise in the images (certainly more than I'm used to from my 10D pictures), but I don't think that it's very bad - and you can clean it with Noise-Ninja or other noise-removal software.

Bill B.
26th of February 2007 (Mon), 13:02

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 15:01
Thanks Oleg!

I'm fairly new to photography ... your shots are amazing - I would never have thought my camera is capable of such sharp vivid images!

I have a Canon tripod fairly similar to yours and have been trying to get some ultra-sharp clear shots but nothing comes even close! You have made me believe in my beginners camera - thanks!


26th of February 2007 (Mon), 15:14
Rob thanks,

The first step to sharp images is to use a tripod and some kind of remote shutter release (I use the 2-sec self timer). Try this - set the ISO to 80, drive mode to 2-sec timer and take some pictures. In order to achieve the vivid colors you may also use the "Vivid" mode - personally I prefer to adjust everything myself in post-processing.

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 15:42
Thanks again Oleg :)

Been doing the tripod and the timer ... haven't tried the vivid. I've found that most of my pics come out desaturated and very 'stale' ... just started experimenting in PP! Yours are a dream for colour and clarity.

Could try a filter for the lens flare? I have the adapter (as I have the telephone lens) but haven't tried any filters yet.

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 15:55
I'm not sure, but I think that the filter will only make the flare worse. After all, it's adding mode glass surfaces in the light path :)

Regarding the adapter - what model do you have and what is the screw-on diameter ? I'm asking because I'm starting to think about a wide-angle converter (the original Canon converter is pretty expensive, but there are some Nikon converters which are excellent optically and also quite cheap. Or, at least, so I read at DPreview :) ).

26th of February 2007 (Mon), 18:27
I have the Canon adapter (see my sig) ... some folks prefer the lensmate (metal) vs the Canon (plastic)

Front Mount Diameter 58mm
Length 2.1"

An example of my colourless shots (even after PP)