View Full Version : Powershot Pro 1 flash problem

2nd of March 2007 (Fri), 14:58
Hello everyone:D

First post and not sure it's in the right section:oops: (Mods please feel free to move it)

Anyway, I have just bought a used Canon Powershot Pro 1 only to find that the flash doesn't flash!It pops up but will not flash despite playing with the flash settings.Can anyone please let me know if it's possible to get a new flash and how much this is likely to cost to repair(if that's the best course of action).

Thanks in advance.


2nd of March 2007 (Fri), 18:06
It would probably cost too much to have it repaired, a good option might be to buy an external flash, even something like a 220 would be superior to the built in flash so it might be a good excuse to upgrade!