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2nd of March 2007 (Fri), 20:44
Well, I was very happy with our trip to UT to shoot a family wedding. Be nice to me.


Our hotel room view. It was just beautiful. It snowed every night and then all the snow melted by noon except in the mountains.


View from the plane.


The bride was just beautiful.


Informal posing shots. It was 35 degrees outside and it was cold without a coat.

2nd of March 2007 (Fri), 21:25
Is that Timp? That's where my hubby and I were married. Great shots, and you're right beautiful bride!

2nd of March 2007 (Fri), 21:33
SLC temple?

2nd of March 2007 (Fri), 21:34
Yep! That would be Timp! And I didn't see it much. There were low clouds all week. So, when it did peek out, I didn't have the 5D ready. It's such a great place for wedding shots, though. And the temple was stunning. All good.

This temple


3rd of March 2007 (Sat), 00:26
I recognized the arches light fixtures and color of the stone...
Me and hubby~

3rd of March 2007 (Sat), 07:02
Great shot! It is a gorgeous location. You look beautiful in that dress, Kaylene. Hubby is cute, too. I got married in DC. Believe it or not, I didn't have many pictures. We were so poor. Do you shoot weddings?

3rd of March 2007 (Sat), 09:55
Thanks Suzy, I think my hubby's cute too ;) Tonight is my first wedding as second, next weekend I have another, I'm trying to slowly get into the business without getting in over my head. I shot a Quinceanera in December, so hopefully that experience will help tonight.

My uncle took this one he was tagging along with my pro who amazingly allowed it, I'd told my uncle not to expect anything and that part was covered. I hired a pro for the after ceremony shots, and my uncle shot the rest, luncheon, reception, etc, he'd done most of the lower end budget family weddings over 20 year (including my Mom's, yeah, I was a honeymoon baby who got married at 18 :eek: ) and is a photo nut, he just went digital a year ago (my wedding was almost 6).

3rd of March 2007 (Sat), 11:35
Amazingly, I got married after turning 20, but still finished college and have 20 years of teaching experience as well as shoot semi-pro. I hope to get more into sports events. I love sports here in the DC area. The high schools are very competitive and shooting is well-sought after. I don't post most of my weddings because I don't have permission from the parties, but this is my nephew and I'm posting only two shots. The pictures turned out great. I was very happy. I felt a little uncomfortable having much better gear than the pro shooting the reception, but I didn't get in his way. I learned long ago that I am very lucky to have good stuff. Others don't understand that, but I like having the right tools for the best job. This cuts out the "I wish" problems of getting older. :) Now that I have 4 kids, 2 in college, I feel I am at my best with the work I do.

3rd of March 2007 (Sat), 12:58
Hey Utah! I live in Salt Lake city and I'm just starting out doing wedding photography. I purchased a Canon 5D yesterday and now I'm shopping for lenses. My friends hired me to shoot their wedding in July. I tried to talk them out of it but here I am trying to get some gear together so I can shoot their engagement pictures.