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9th of April 2004 (Fri), 13:20
This is my first time ordering from B&H Photo.
(I have had unpleasant experiences with WarehouseExpress in the UK)

I know they are on holiday at the moment, but, I placed an order with them (before the cut-off) at 4pm CST on Saturday 3rd April 2004.
They authorised & charged my credit card on the 3rd of April and all the items I ordered were in stock when i ordered.
It is now Six days later & when I check my account on the site it says that the order is still "processing".

How long does it take them to ship?
This is even worse than WarehouseExpress and their so-called "Next Day Delivery Service" ??? :roll:

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 13:24
Since they're on holiday all bets are off. It could be all packed in a box but never got picked up by the shipper or something. Same thing happened to me last time I ordered around the holidays.

Yes, it sucks. Big time. I'm waiting for stuff from FocusCamera that I really wanted for the weekend. Alas, the stuff should be here on Monday. :(

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 13:31
I'm going to photograph an underground party soon & I need this stuff badly.
I got invited along by a friend who shoots a video of the thing once a month.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:06
If you ordered on Sat, UPS won pick up before Monday!,, ground UPS will take 5-6 business days :? so you may not get it before monday 4/12.



9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:13
But surely it only says "processing" when it is still at B&H?
Once UPS pick it up I should be given a tracking number so I can follow its progress. no?

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:17
I ordered my camera from them and asked for 10 day service, i recieved it in 3 days. Also, my husband was "late" ordering my Christmas gift, but it still got here in a very resonable time. So, i have had nothing but good service from them

And yes you can follow the progress on the website. i think ups.com. i belive there is a link from B&H PHOTO

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:21
Garethh I think you are correct, I doubt it has shipped :(

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:24
If B&H in NYC can get it to Garethhhhhhhh in 10 days via GROUND then I'd be very surprised. VERY.

On better news, I just got my stuff. They shipped last night and I got it 5 minutes ago. It's nice to live so close to NYC.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:31
Does anyone know EXACTLY what time they re-open. I sent them an email a few hours ago & have just received an automated response requesting me to re-send the emails when they open. All email will be replied to in the order they arrive. I don't want to be late or it will take even longer...

I've just sent a blank email, with my order number, to their "order status / tracking automated response service" & have just received a reply stating that my order "Has Not Yet Been Shipped."

GREAT!! :cry:

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:35
If B&H in NYC can get it to Garethhhhhhhh in 10 days via GROUND then I'd be very surprised. VERY.

I'm having it shipped via. UPS Express (3-5 Business Days Delivery ) so if they had shipped it, which they hadn't, I would have received it by now... :cry:

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:37
"We will reopen Wednesday April 14, 2004 9:00AM DST"

So I think that's 2:00 PM your time.

So I'd guess that you won't have it until Monday the 19th.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:42
On a side note: I ordered a 50mm f1.8 II from WarehouseExpress.co.uk (http://www.warehouseexpress.co.uk) on the 30th of March with "Next Day Delivery". I have yet to receive it... apparently I can expect it next monday or tuesday, "maybe"....

:arrow: If only brick & mortar stores were cheaper. :|


"We will reopen Wednesday April 14, 2004 9:00AM DST"

oops... missed that! :oops:

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 16:00
Well Gareth, I've ordered quite a number of times from B&H and all have arrived within 3-4 days. But there is no mystery about it, when they say they are closed, they are closed. It may be that you think you got in under the wire, but perhaps for one reason or the other you didn't. Often items are shipped from different warehouses in different locations, but somehow arrive all in one box with UPS. Maybe some item held your box up until closing time was past.

With the Easter holidays and all there can be a lot of reasons why UPS hasn't got it yet. One thing I do know, is that when UPS has it you can track it very precisely. More than likely you will get your stuff the latter part of next week. I feel for ya, but it is probably better you go out for a pint, forget it and let it be a happy surprise when it gets there.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 16:05
It just bugs me that:

a) I ordered in time
b) They have charged me already
c) It's gonna be stuck in a log jam of orders when they re-open...

It's just poor service plain & simple. :?

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 17:27
A couple of hours ago I ordered four items from B&H and I too am hoping they don't get delayed in the pile they have to get out next week. But in my experience they are very well organized so I'm hoping there will be no or a minimum of delay.

The only incident I kow of where something didn't get out was a 10D a friend of mine ordered when there were no 10Ds around and B&H got caught out thinking they were getting some, but they didn't. He got it in time for the plane before he left for location, but really by a hair.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 22:24
On a side note: I ordered a 50mm f1.8 II from WarehouseExpress.co.uk (http://www.warehouseexpress.co.uk) on the 30th of March with "Next Day Delivery". I have yet to receive it... apparently I can expect it next monday or tuesday, "maybe"....

It is too bad you can't got to Norwich and collect it from Warehouse Express directly! I already asked that as I was abou tto order something when the exortion rate was lower, like $1.50 to £1.

I realise you are put off by them for the moment, but mucj like Good Friday/Bank Holiday Monday it is inconviencing me in some ways. I have learned to bite the bullet. If you try again when they are not on holiday, you will find they are an awesome business to go with. PM on its way to you...

10th of April 2004 (Sat), 11:41
//Rant mode OFF

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have to wait about two weeks, in total, for my order.

The members off this forum have a high respect for B&H Photo.
I know that, like me, you do not suffer incompetent / poor service well.
So, when so many of you have such good words to say about B&H, I cannot doubt that they are a quality store.

I guess I've just been burned too many times by "quality" stores, so maybe I have been too quick to judge, I will give them another shot. :)

10th of April 2004 (Sat), 12:08
Perhaps you're like me, I want everything NOW and don't like delays, checking UPS tracking almost hourly. I would say if you still don't have a tracking number on the 14th, I would give them a nudge.

Cambridge, I've got family around St. Neots. Is it still there?

11th of April 2004 (Sun), 04:06

I've some extra bad news for you. While the web site is open on Saturdays, B & H is not, so even though your order was in, they could not have processed it until Sunday. None of the shippers picks up on Sunday, so Monday would have been the earliest. Since Jewish holidays start at Sundown, they probably closed early on Monday & I doubt they could have gotten all the orders out in time.

In my experience, B & H is a reputable store and IF there is no holiday involved usually gets your order out quickly, however, they also don't worry too much about extra customer service. You get it when you get it, & if you're in a rush, or have special concerns, should probably order elsewhere.

Hopefully, they managed to ship it to you last week, or alternatively, will be able to expedite your order when they reopen. Good luck