View Full Version : Mysterious white "halo" appearing in pictures

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 13:21
Lately, I noticed that some of my pictures have this white "halo" in them (something like small sun glare), especially on indoor pictures taken with flash. At first I thought it was a smudge on the lense, but my lense is cyrstal clean. Has anyone noticed any halo's appearing in their pictures? How do I fix this problem? Thx.

I'm using IXUS II (SD100) by the way.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 13:34
Can you post some of your pictures?

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:14
Here are some examples:


The top picture has been reduced to 800x600. The bottom picture is the actual size, but cropped.

9th of April 2004 (Fri), 14:33
I see what you mean. It may surprise you, but it's the flashlight refelecting on dust in the air. This is what the G3 manual says about it:

When shooting with the flash, light may reflect off dust particles or insects in the air and appear as white dots or white asterisks on the image. This occurs more frequently in the following conditions:
– When shooting at the wide-angle end.
– When shooting with a high aperture value in the aperture-priority AE mode.
This is a phenomenon that occurs with digital cameras and does not constitute a malfunction.