View Full Version : E-TTL Compatible Sigma Flash

18th of May 2001 (Fri), 01:17
Sigma makes the "EF 500 Super" flash that, according to the specifications uses E-TTL w/Canon cameras.

I wonder...

Does that mean that is fully compatible w/my beloved G1?

Steves's flashes page makes no mention of the model.

Does anybody know anything about this device?

Thanx in advance for any and all responses

Carlo in Toronto

Sir Loins
2nd of April 2004 (Fri), 12:35
well three years later someone is replying to your thread. I'm replying because I'm wondering the exact same thing, only for a G5. Does anyone have any imput?

2nd of April 2004 (Fri), 14:15
Wow, what an old thread. The flash you want from Sigma is the 500 Super DG (digital). I have read it only works correctly in manual mode but not 100% sure. Here are the results from a search I did on dpreview.