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29th of March 2007 (Thu), 05:43
A couple of one of my fav. subjects.
Regards Alan.

Sonic Infidel
29th of March 2007 (Thu), 09:32
#2 is great!

I kind of feel that #1 lacks a dominant focal point. Maybe if you put the horizon in the top or bottom third...

Don't take my comments to heart, though. I'm just an amateur doing this for fun.

29th of March 2007 (Thu), 09:53
Yes I really like #2

29th of March 2007 (Thu), 12:45
I like #2 as well. The rocks jetting out into the ocean look like huge pieces of coal and add some really nice contrast to this shot. EDIT: I think #2 could use a crop as well. I think the Rule of Thirds would work well here too.

As far as number one goes, I have to agree with Sonic. The Rule of Thirds would make for a more interesting composition here. I think putting the horizon on the bottom third would be best since the photo's appeal is in the atmospheric quality of the clouds and fog in the distance.

Dale Siscoe
29th of March 2007 (Thu), 13:39
I like them, sometimes it works wonders thinking outside the box, these are the first B&W seascapes I have seen and it works for me!!

3rd of April 2007 (Tue), 19:52
#2.....no doubt

4th of April 2007 (Wed), 01:39
Very nice. #2 is just exceptional. I love the light and the tonal range in it.

4th of April 2007 (Wed), 16:23
I just love both! #2 is great, but #1 is very good too! :)

4th of April 2007 (Wed), 23:26
i know it's been said, and i knew that this doesn't add anything, but #2 is freakin sweet!