View Full Version : Old Flagmans Lantern

29th of March 2007 (Thu), 19:55
This is hanging in my brothers yard. Somehow I just couldn't find the right angle on the lantern without moving it to a different location.


C&C most welcome

29th of March 2007 (Thu), 23:31
Give it some breathing room, light it up, and shoot it at night (with a tripod of course). I think that will make you much more inspired.

31st of March 2007 (Sat), 00:27
Go ahead and move it. Start playing with directional lighting and don't forget to fire up the inside. It is a cool item just needs a better background and some key lights.

31st of March 2007 (Sat), 04:20
Yeah. Maybe I could put one of those votive candles in it. I'm going to have to go back and give it a go. Thanks for the ideas

31st of March 2007 (Sat), 12:34
Wow your depth of field ... I would get more of the lantern in it. Bounce your flash.
Nice looking lantern, old and crusty.