View Full Version : Strange blue pixels!

18th of May 2001 (Fri), 07:15
I'm testing a G1. All my indoor no-flash shots (ISO 100, 1/10 at f2.5) show a mark like a "+" which is bright blue in the centre (which is 4 pixels wide by 3 pixels deep) with darker blue arms coming out from the centre which are about 3 by 3 pixels. The cross is in the same place in each shot.

What causes this? It is not visible in my daylight shots.

Should I return the camera? It is probably easy to repair the shot in Photoshop.

Help please.

Eric F.
18th of May 2001 (Fri), 11:08
RETURN IT!! Some products are not perfect.

Something is wrong. You should not have to routinely repair a photo. In my opinion, software is there to make the picture better.

Since you are "trying out" the camera, I would suggest that you try out G1's till you get good results from the camera, then keep that one.

Most of the posts from those who seem to know say that the ISO should be set at 50, except for special shots. I have only used 50 and so far have not found a need to use any other settings.

Best of luck