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3rd of April 2007 (Tue), 13:27
Unfortunatly canon did not release these yet, with the new zoom browser and DPP. :confused:

Will this new format allow the user to program his own style? I would very much like to make my own styles...

For those who dont know what I an talking about...
Picture Style is a style template applied to a raw image in DPP or EOS utility. Also available in camera on some models...
Canon Picture Styles (http://web.canon.jp/Imaging/picturestyle/file/index.html)

8th of April 2007 (Sun), 18:39

8th of April 2007 (Sun), 23:20
I haven't heard anything about letting you be able to do that.

Actually I'm surprised they didn't release ALL of their styles along with 3.0.

9th of April 2007 (Mon), 04:45
Until they get around to updating the site you can continue to use your old downloads with DPP 3.0 by simply changing the file extension from .pse to .pf2.
The ability to create your own profiles would depend on Canon releasing an application which would write to the .pf2 format (or adding it to DPP). I am not sure they are smart enough to realize what a great marketing ploy this would be. Oh well, maybe some Open Source believer will reverse-engineer the format.