View Full Version : Using Discover Card with Paypal?

10th of April 2007 (Tue), 18:16
Someone wants to pay me using their Discover Card. Can this be used to pay my Paypal account? Anyone with experience with this? Thanks in advance.

10th of April 2007 (Tue), 18:45
I used mine via PayPal to order from the POTN Shop FWIW

10th of April 2007 (Tue), 18:48
That's good to know, thanks Jon. I've never bought using a CC so I wasn't sure how that worked.

10th of April 2007 (Tue), 20:03
You will need to upgrade your account from basic (if you hadn't done already) to accept credit card payment. You will be charged 3% after you upgraded on all payments you receive.

10th of April 2007 (Tue), 20:49
Yeah, already did that. Thanks.