View Full Version : Lorikeet in flowers

15th of May 2002 (Wed), 18:30
Ok you Photoshop gurus! This was my first attempt at superimposing. Actually it was done in Adobe Photodeluxe as I haven't quite got the hang of PSLE yet. Taken with an Ixus last year.


Any tips and comments would be much appreciated.

16th of May 2002 (Thu), 03:48
Very pleasant and colourful, Sheila.
And very well done placing the lorikeet in the bouquet.

How you did it in DeLuxe I don't know.
It's a very basic program that just gives me the heebies.

I'd say spend time on LE and learn your way around there. It'll be far more satisfying for you.

If you are very new to it, become familiar with these tools first.
Paint brush tool. Learn how to vary the tool size and opacity of the colour.

EyeDropper to choose colours from parts of the image.
Colour Palette for colour choices.

Smear tool. Very useful. Learn to use sizes and pressures.

Clone Tool. Sizes and opacity. A useful tool but Adobe does not have the best clone tool around, surprisingly.
In fact I much prefer one on another program.

Become familiar with working with layers.

Also familiarise yourself with the selection tools.
Making rectangles. Also the Magic Wand tool is useful.

That will get you going in the larger program
and you can expand your knowledge from there.


16th of May 2002 (Thu), 17:52
Thanks eland

I have just bought a couple of mags which have a supplement on Photoshop. I guess I am just used to PhotoDeluxe. I've started a pet photography business and took photos of two corgis. To cut a long story short, I cut one dog out of one photo and superimposed him next to the other. Luckily the background was lawn and used the Clone tool to merge the grass. I used Layers and dragged one into the other on screen. Little or no help from the manual!

Cheers and again thanks for the tips.