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14th of April 2007 (Sat), 16:55
I previously got powershots ( a60/a75) .
I got fantastic pictures in dark situations on a tripod, select with the ring the preset for long shuttertime.

Now I got the Ixus 65, I got 2 questions:

1. I noticed there is no shuttertime preset, but 'Night snaphot' , what is this preset in fact doing with settings? It seems to me only something with the ISO value, but no shuttertime, because I can't get that nice pictures anymore?

2. Is it right there is no long shuttertime preset of setting option for shuttertime?

14th of April 2007 (Sat), 17:01
I believe Night Snapshot wants to use the flash and high ISO to get a good exposure of the subject, never mind the background. If you want to use a longer exposure, go to High ISO and Camera Manual with flash turned off.

14th of April 2007 (Sat), 17:08
ok thanks, but this doesn;'t results in that sharp en clear pictures like long shuttertime.
But So: the Ixus don't have this option for the shuttertime, ?

14th of April 2007 (Sat), 17:45
It has practically no controls for the technically-minded photographer. I think the first camera that offers that would be the A560 or so; maybe the A710IS if you want IS as well. And even then, longest shutter speed will be about 15 sec.

15th of April 2007 (Sun), 06:11
My Ixy 1000 (Ixus 950 equiv I think) on has long shutter in manual mode. You have to enable it though. Coupled to a tripod, it take excellent night shots:


Hunt around in the setup menu. You enable it once it's switched on via the exposure compensation dialogue.

16th of April 2007 (Mon), 04:08
I juist now noticed the option
The problem is that the papered user guide isn't a total guide
And there is nothing about shuttertimes
On the CD there is the full uses Guide in PDF
Now I noticed indeed you first have to enable long shutter in 'menu' and then in 'function' you can use it...
Something you have to read in the user manual...

So: solved!
thanks for all

By the way> Katana: Beautiful picture!!
Which city/country is this ?

17th of April 2007 (Tue), 13:27
Glad you got it sorted. The city in the picture is Singapore. Thanks for the compliment.

17th of April 2007 (Tue), 16:24
Stunning photo katana. You should be very proud of it.