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Tom Brown
18th of May 2002 (Sat), 17:25
The Canon NB-1L is a 680 mAh battery. The S200 and S330 ship with an NB-1LH that is rated at 840 mAh. I am under the impression that the 1LH performs quite nicely. I’ve just ordered the VidPro 1000 mAh battery from BatteryBarn.com. There have been a couple of positive comments about it so I’m going to try it out. I’ll post more on it once I have it and can compare it to my 6 month old NB-1L.

I don’t have a battery life problem with my S110 but, like everyone, I would like more. Also, there have been a lot of times when a second battery would have been a real Godsend.

The Battery Barn was a treat to deal with and their policies are excellent. They even offer free shipping to Canada. I’m predisposed to liking the product but I’ll try to post an objective review of the battery once I get it.


Tom Brown

23rd of May 2002 (Thu), 17:06
How goes your experience with the Vidpro clone? I'm interested in getting one of their NB-2L clones for the S30/S40, since it's higher-capacity than any of the other makes out there (700 instead of 570). The free shipping to Canada helps, too. Hopefully, the quality level is high across their product line.


Tom Brown
8th of June 2002 (Sat), 17:14
The VidPro battery has turned my S110 into a dream camera. I just leave it on and shoot away. I went on an hour long walk and came back with 104 photographs and the camera was on the whole tome. Actually, I think it saves a wee bit of power that way instead of turning it on and off every few minutes. Note that only about 15 of those 104 photographs were flash pictures. The rest were daytime shots (at dusk).

I don't know how many pictures the battery is capable of. I've only charged it twice and it wasn't depleated either time. 100 pictures is no problem at all, though. The battery will outlast a 128 mb CF card. One of the problems with the S110 is the lack of a battery meter so it makes it tough to tell unless you charge the battery and run it to completion.

It's a little early in my experience with the battery to gloat too much about it but I would recommend the Battery Barn highly and so far the battery looks like a dream come true for ELPH owners.


Tom Brown

19th of January 2003 (Sun), 14:42

Sorry for reviving this thread but I'm at that stage of needing a higher capacity battery. ON batterybarn.com there is now a 1200mAh unit stock no. AC-NB1LH by Vidpro for $49.95. I'm assuming from your feedback on the 1000mAh unit, that it will be just as good to go for the 1200mAh unit.

Any advise against this? I'm in London, UK - any users out there in London having same needs/xperiences and bought within UK or from US/batterybarn, could you please give me some advice or store names to go to.

Thanks everyone in advance,