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AE Studios
22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 10:43
Hi all!

I am in need of picking up a good quality telephoto lens with a nice wide aperture. Thus the 2.8. I have been told by another photographer friend that this lens is incredible especially for the price. Can some other owners of the Sigma 120-300 respond and let me know what their thoughts are on it. And also maybe post some pics. I have read some reviews and mostly find good stuff about it but wanted to hear what you guys have to say. :) Thanks for the help!

Hopefully I can afford to get it soon. Mostly it will be used for shooting soccer/football/wildlife.

Also, if you have this lens have you used it with a 1.4x or 2.0x? and any problems?

Thanks everyone,


ps. I use a 10D with a 28-135 IS, and a 17-35 2.8-4.0 right now. Obviously need some telephoto ability. :)

22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 12:50
Don't have the lens........but.............check this out........if you haven't already.



22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 13:16
I have the Sigma 120-300mm F/2.8 EX. Stunning toy. Incredible in low light and with more light it just gets better. Very heavy though. It's not a lens you want to hand-hold. Needs to be used with a monopod or tripod.

The 1.4x TC works very well. The 2x TC images are a little soft and the autofocus seems to be a bit marginal sometimes...

If you want sample images, look at the gallery in my signature. All of the racing pictures (except one) were taken with the Sigma. The paddock work etc. was done with other lenses.

This thread http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=29653 shows my ill advised attempts to use the Sigma as a portrait lens ;)

One word of caution though... if you get the Sigma you will become so disgusted with the images from your 28-135mm IS that you will replace that too. You should budget for this. ;)

22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 13:19
I have seen Cadwell's work and the man himself using said lens. The brilliant results speak for themselves.

22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 13:47
Why thank you Kenny. Coming from a photographer with your talent, that means a lot. :)

I'm off to Cadwell Park this weekend and according to a phone call I got today, my EF 70-200 F/4L (last part of the 28-135mm replacement plan :twisted: ) should arrive tomorrow :D I know just the corner to test it too :D

22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 15:37
I had mud up to the ankles this last weekend at Croft with the Classic Sports Cars, Porsche's and Jedi's. I ended up in no-man's-land, middle of the complex with concrete beneath my feet to keep a bit drier. Had a great day and met up with someone I know from DPR. At one point there were 5 of us in a line with big white lenses. What the drivers must have thought as they came off the bend with that lot pointed at them......

AE Studios
22nd of April 2004 (Thu), 18:24
Thanks for all the help guys!

I think i've made up my mind, Getting kinda excited about the lens too. Now just to get that tax refund here.... :)