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17th of April 2007 (Tue), 00:20
I took these pictures yesterday at the Great Salt Lake. I'm so lucky this beautiful woman let me photograph her trashing this wedding dress. I plan on choosing one of the photos and ordering a large print to submit to a gallery showing at the end of the month. I'm open to ideas if you would like to suggest an image.
Here is a link to the full gallery: http://opiefoto.com/portfolio/Trash_The_Dress





17th of April 2007 (Tue), 00:31
what a stylized shoot.. I really get the Ophelia part.. the trash the dress not soo much the last two are my favorite (in your gallery).. good work and what an incredible looking model..


17th of April 2007 (Tue), 01:00
Great idea, I really like the 3rd one - it might be good in a moody b+w similar to this (but done by someone with some skill)

17th of April 2007 (Tue), 01:02
wow.. the things u do for a shoot..

Mike Fulton
17th of April 2007 (Tue), 01:05
Submit them to

www.TrashTheDress.com (http://www.trashthedress.com)

the owner, Marc is a SUPER good guy and would love to have these on his blog!

17th of April 2007 (Tue), 01:56
I'm really digging these! With some creative post processing you could make them even more striking!

17th of April 2007 (Tue), 08:31
I wasn't sure what to do for post processing so I just adjusted exposure, levels and color. I'm open to ideas.

17th of April 2007 (Tue), 10:12
I really like these. These very nice as is but with some pp they could be over the top amazing (in a good way)

I can't wait to do some of these types. I have 3 Goodwill dresses so far and 2 friends ready to model. We're just waiting for the snow to melt!!!