View Full Version : Bikes through spokes.

23rd of May 2002 (Thu), 06:24
This photo didn't turn out as good as I had imagined it would. Any ideas as to how to improve ...... perhaps the angle it was taken ?

C:\My Documents\My Pictures\Motorcycles\Bikes through spokes.jpg

10th of July 2002 (Wed), 20:31
I think that your post failed because you did not folow the following syntax:
http://blah.com/blah.gif instead you seem to be pointing to the file's location on your C drive.
Actually I think that you succeeded quite admirably with this shot.

If reflections off --or your shadow on -- the disc brake were not problems, I’d be inclined to try the same shot with lighting more from the left (or right) and from behind. It seems to me that that would lighten the bikes in the background , and help to set them off a bit more.

But, I bet that "screen size" this shot as is … is a winner.

But I's no expert!