View Full Version : Digital Photo Picking / Sorting / Showing Software Woes

25th of May 2002 (Sat), 00:07
We've switched our action shots to digital still photography. While the Camera can easily handle the task we have run into a major road block with editing software. This is not to be confused with digital editing software like PhotoShop. I'm talking about the software utility that imports the photos like Cumulus, and iPhoto.

We did extensive research and at the time (one year ago) Cumulus was clearly the leader for our needs.

Unfortunately our senior photographer can't stand it. He equates the picking / sorting / tagging process in Cumulus compared to the traditional method of lightbox, loup and carousel, as if going from the seat of a Ferrarri to backseat driving a Pinto.

If anyone out there has a lead on some software that can handle 1-5 scenes, up to 300 hi-res images per scene that could compare to the ease of traditional vis-filing I would love to hear about it.



11th of November 2003 (Tue), 19:28
Have you tried the Canon Browser that comes with the G5 or other Canon models. It may be simple, but it is handy.