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8th of May 2007 (Tue), 12:06
Hello all,

I've been a lurker for a while and I am so thankful for all the great info I've learned from all of you on this board! This is my first year on my own (second shot and assisted all last year) and my business is really starting to grow to a place where I need to offer albums. I remember someone here posting about a software that helps to create the layouts for flushmount wedding albums that looked really promising. I remember going to the site and watching the demo, but I guess I failed to bookmark it! I've done a search, but haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm sorry to create yet another album thread, but I'd love some help!

The software I'm referring to wasn't just templates (ie, Kubota's auto album) but more like a custom design software where you dropped in photos and could adjust the size, placement, opacity, borders, etc really easily. The closest thing I've found is Gary Fong's album software, but I know that wasn't the one that I found on here a few months ago. I know I could do it all in photoshop, but if there's a software out there that is reasonably priced and can save me money than I'd rather go that direction. If anyone knows of any software like this please let me know.

So far I'm really impressed with Zook Books and I'm considering ordering their software if I don't find a better option.


Maui Kim
8th of May 2007 (Tue), 13:30
I use Foto Fusion by Luma Pix..I really like it. You have to buy the "extreme" version to be able to create double page spreads. I think it's around $300...

9th of March 2009 (Mon), 03:34
Hello Friends thanks for your suggestions. ive asked a similar question in a different thread. but if you can provide me with help it will be great. Im using Demo version of Powerpix, should i buy the professional advanced version. the photolab i print suggested me the software.
with the software they provide im tied to print with the photolab itself. so they suggested me the pro version. also ive more suggeations. please advice.

9th of March 2009 (Mon), 08:40
I also use Fotofusion. There are several good offerings out there that I have not tired. PhotoJunction Remix is one that is now free. I have yet to try it, but others on here have.

Do a quick search for album software and you will find quit a few threads showing what others are using.


9th of March 2009 (Mon), 10:00
We currently use 3 different packages

Fotofusion (http://www.lumapix.com/index.shtml) - We use this for our cheaper Asuka book type albums and its the first album software package we started using, its very intuitive and easy to learn and you can do quite a bit more than just design albums with it. Auto collages is probably the most useful one of these features outside of its album design features.

PhotoJunction Remix (http://www.photojunction.com/) - We originally got this for free when we signed up with Queensberry as an album supplier and although its less intuitive than fotofusion and theres a definite learning curve with it, its probably our favorite software now. Its like a good accounts package, it constricts and controls what you can do in ways that fotofusion doesn't but they ultimately benefit the album design. We use this for our Queensberry albums.

GraphiStudio (http://www.graphistudio.com/en/index.html) - Graphistudio have released their own software for designing albums printed by them and although somethings are very annoying in it its probably the quickest way to throw one of their albums together if your going to use them for printing it and like their standard templates and design ideas.

9th of March 2009 (Mon), 17:00
PhotoJunction (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=595208) is now free to anyone. It takes time to learn, but once you do it's very quick to design albums.