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30th of May 2002 (Thu), 09:46
Hello All

A month ago, I launched my web site to show my pictures, they are all retouched to be more natural.
I have a Kodak DC-4800. Lately I was offered pictures taken D30 in France from my freind. The qualities of these pictures are very good. I retouched them in the style of mine and uploaded on my site.

Please see, and give your comment.


Now I consider to get D60 or D100.

Komin from Japan,

30th of May 2002 (Thu), 13:53
Very nice collection of photos. Thank you for sharing your examples of retouching. It helps to see how they were improved.

31st of May 2002 (Fri), 20:43

You have a great eye .. and you shoot consistently good shots -- around the world!

I think that it was the reflections in the water shots that I liked best. The red bridge. The boats. Etc.


HOWIE (Ottawa, Canada)

1st of June 2002 (Sat), 08:56
Hi Jim and HOWIE,

Thank you for your visiting.
I have tons of pictures to see you.
So, I am going to update my site once in a week at least.
Please visit again.

Komin Japan