View Full Version : Fridays Wedding, trying some new actions

19th of May 2007 (Sat), 20:13
Not really a sample of the wedding, will post some more of those later, just wanted opinions on how people think these actions look, these are conversions I have done with the free wedding enhancers pack that was posted earlier this week by someone, I quite like them but I value opinions from others.






19th of May 2007 (Sat), 20:24
Love that last one! I downloaded those actions, too, and am anxious to put them to use after next week's wedding.

20th of May 2007 (Sun), 00:56
nice pictures, have you the link for the actions please


20th of May 2007 (Sun), 03:19
Cheers guys

It was the free wedding enhancers kit available for download from the top of the page here http://finessefx.com/actions.html

20th of May 2007 (Sun), 13:47
190 views and 2 replies :confused:

20th of May 2007 (Sun), 14:06
I like these, The last one is good, and I love the texture on the stairs against the smoothness of her dress.
I've got the actions as well, they look good.

20th of May 2007 (Sun), 14:29
Very nice looks like a winner.

20th of May 2007 (Sun), 15:25
Very good pictures, I especially like the last three...I really liked your B&W conversions. I went to web site you referenced and downloaded them...just gave them a quick test and they all are wonderful.

Congratulations on some fine photos and thanks for the reference to the link :-)

20th of May 2007 (Sun), 22:34
the first few I can see the grain. I like the last 2 pictures the most.

21st of May 2007 (Mon), 04:29
the first few I can see the grain. I like the last 2 pictures the most.

Thats probably due to the effect of the action as the shots were only shot at about iso 400, or maybe its because they are the small jpgs from the camera, dont think the original raws should be grainy.

Cheers for the feedback guys.

21st of May 2007 (Mon), 06:38
Congratulations, Love the last photo, #2 is little over exposed IMO...