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21st of May 2007 (Mon), 23:21
I spotted this guy on my home from work today, pulled off the road, jumped out of the car with my D Rebel and my 70-210 3.5-4.5USM.
Kind of a crappy hazy sky, and my first attempt at Aviation, so be kind;)





21st of May 2007 (Mon), 23:41
Very nice for being hurried :)

22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 09:45
Good grab shots. For when you have more time, do a search for "Threads started by" Marauder61 for some inspiration. Or look at his gallery which has the exif data: Marauder61 (http://www.pbase.com/marauder61/root) Airshow guys - prop freeze?
Airshow guys - prop freeze? (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=2175804)



22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 10:00
Kind of a crappy hazy sky, and my first attempt at Aviation, so be kind


they are terrific clear shots (and sky)

kindness doesn't come into it :lol:

beautful plane

22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 10:35
Great shots. If they came out that good just jumping out, think how good you can do at the air show!

22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 19:18
thanks for the encouragement, you guys are a lot nicer than those guys over in sports!

22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 23:18
Real nice shots for a grab and shoot. Seems a bit noisy to me, but maybe it's my sleep deprived eyes. Marauder61 has some of the best aviation shots I've ever seen. Take PhotosGuy's advice and check out Marauder's site.

17th of November 2007 (Sat), 02:14
Nice shot man, Is this over off of 30 by Aurora airport? I have friends in Waterman, and live in Aurora, Nice to know a local

17th of November 2007 (Sat), 21:42
Dekalb-Taylor Municipal

thanks Tony!

17th of November 2007 (Sat), 22:01
I like the shot how close were you to the craft? I like a lot. Questionnon related to airplane but how do oyu place your name etc on the picture, is this done inside program, stupid it has to be . IS their any way when you take a lot of pictures that a program can label each picture you take in same manner, kind of like time stamping the picture but instead use your name etc.

17th of November 2007 (Sat), 23:47
I was standing in the road, it flew right over me as it came in for landing. "watermark" on pic is from faststone (http://faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm), a free program that can batch resize and add text or watermarks to all your photo files

P.S. My pp really sucked back then! Is this any better?


18th of November 2007 (Sun), 09:28
is this any better? Sharper, but over sharpened. See the halo around it?
I'd crop some off the left, but with the lack of prop blur, I'd just move on to something else?

18th of November 2007 (Sun), 10:24
Yeah, I was mostly looking at the noise, And I couldn't find the original Raw file, must have missed it when I moved my files to the new PC