View Full Version : Your Guardian Angel

22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 19:35
This is one of just some friends playin around in Germany...c+c welcomee

22nd of May 2007 (Tue), 19:53
Heres another

23rd of May 2007 (Wed), 01:49
I think they are both great - very "out of body".

For me, the second one is better though. I think the first doesnt have enough tone and seperation really highlight the ghostly woman from the man.

Keep up the good work.

Andrew From NZ

23rd of May 2007 (Wed), 08:37
I like the concept of the second one, but the pose of the guy... I dunno, looks a bit too fake. Great stuff though.

23rd of May 2007 (Wed), 22:16
The first one is really neat. It tells a great story, and has a spooky mood. Well done!