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24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:00
Hello All:

Does this shot work as good candid? Could a different crop benefit the shot? I know it would be far better if my daughter looked at Grandma, but I didn't want to destroy the mood between them. Some advice would really help me out.

Thanks All,

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:01
I don't see a photo?

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:01
err wheres the pic?

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:04
Woops had to reduce file size.

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:18
is this the full image? it may have looked better if it were cropped in a way to allow a touch of dead space to the right.

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:20
No, I can add about an inch of space on either side.

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 21:32
try that and repost

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 22:01
I'm not quite sure that I qualify as the candid professional crew, but it's a good memory shot. The grand-mother looks very happy. The only negative point is that we only see the back of the head of the little girl. It would enhance greatly the shot if we could at least see her profile (you already pointed that out).

Just my $0.01 ;)

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 22:08
Is it a wedding image, or just a general candid shot?

24th of May 2007 (Thu), 23:15
Sorry just a candid shot, I figured most of the wedding photographers on the forum would be a good judge of the image since they are in the business of catching candid moments from weddings. Along with recording the events of the day.

29th of May 2007 (Tue), 03:52
its a great shot of the grandma! i love it. I hope u ran to the other side and caught a shot of the girls face too. make an awesome two page spread...