View Full Version : NY Bridal Locations?

27th of May 2007 (Sun), 12:36
Holly and I are going to be up in NY for a workshop next month (June) and I was wondering if we've got any Yankees in here?

I need to find a cool bridal location. I thought about the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, but that's kinda boring (although, also nostalgic - we had our wedding shots done there). We've done the beach thing already. Really looking for something a little different - ideally that's not insanely expensive and that can accommodate more than a few people.

At the very least, I'll get my NY pizza! Woo Hoo!!!

Last time we were up, we took the ferry over and hung out at the Mohegan Sun for a day. Apparently, neither one of us is much of a gambler - but we like boat rides. :D Ferry was defintely the highlight of the trip...