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5th of June 2002 (Wed), 05:34
Hi fellows,

I thought you might like the photos of New Zealand (south island) that I took in December. They are available online now:


Comments (especially constructive criticism) is strongly encouraged since I want to improve my photography.

Thanks a lot in advance, and enjoy the pics!


5th of June 2002 (Wed), 13:40
Very nice photos Chris! Many excellent shots.

5th of June 2002 (Wed), 17:37
excellent! every shot is amazingly good

5th of June 2002 (Wed), 19:36
WOW - feel like I've just been on an express trip of NZ. BEAUTIFUL!!!

5th of June 2002 (Wed), 20:22

I am going to take you up on your “improvement challenge” ! My credentials ? Just the fact that I too am a vacation photographer. From that perspective your shots are perfect (and more voluminous, varied, and better than I would have taken). We all appreciate that ...what you get is what you are lucky enough to see re day/time/weather/location .. plus.., what your family will tolerate!.

First my favorites (and I only perused your 1st 8 pages. Here numbering pages from 1 - to 8 and pictures from left – right then top - bottom) are 1-7, 2-9, 3-9,4-8,5-8,6-2 and 8-7.

My overall favorite was the pounding surf in 4/8. Here my experience includes numerous days at Cape Hatteras, and at the shorelines of Maine, the UK, Hawaii, and elsewhere, including watches during the Perfect Storm ! Your surf shot is wonderful. The almost opaque background, and the shallow shoreline, set the scene for the fantastic light that illuminates what appears to be an almost gigantic wave. Bravo.

But there are others that lack the interest.

I suggest two things:

1: Why don’t you pick and post thumbnails of your top three in the 1st 8 pages, as well as your bottom 3.

2: Then look at the criteria that I posted under Talk About Photography …FOR THE RECORD: "My" Guide to Evaluating YOUR Photographs and give us one line each – either from your gut or from my guide -- justifying your picks. Then lets see where we agree, and why.


6th of June 2002 (Thu), 02:47

Thanks for the praise, it's that sort of thing that keeps us all enjoying our hobby, our wifes waiting and Canon in business! *g*

Thanks especially for the constructive criticism; I will post some personal ciricism about my pictures here soon (I'm at work right now), following your guide and my own ideas.

I guess this will be most interesting since I don't agree with you at all regardning my "best shots"... But that's bliss, because I really want to discuss my pictures, and I certainly need input.

OK, this has to do for now, back to my "money-earning business" that doesn't have a thing to do with photography!

Chris aka Shimaron Greywolf