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5th of June 2002 (Wed), 14:57
Regarding jpeg compression in Powershots.
I've got the S100 and am thinking of trading up to the S200
I did a product comparison of the Powershot S100
and later Powershot models on the Canon-USA page.

The S100 specs. list the (approx) file size of jpegs
shot in "super-fine" mode (1200x1600) as 1458KB.
Specs. of later Models inluding the S200 show a
file size in "super fine" mode of 957KB.

Is Canon now using a more efficient compression method
or does this represent real image loss? I don't want to
trade image quality for added options.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

Tom Brown
8th of June 2002 (Sat), 17:32
Yes, the compression is better. Actually, I think there are less JPEG artifacts in the S110 and S200 but that I won't swear to that because I don't have that much experience with the 200. I like the S110 compression better than the S100 compression, though.

My best friend has an S100, I have an S110, and I've tried an S200 for an afternoon. If I had an S100, I would want to upgrade to the S200 for the white balance improvements alone. I think it's a modest upgrade from an S110, though. I'd go for the S200 in a second because it has a few new features that are really terrific but it has a purple fringing problem that the S100 & S110 don't have. It's not a big deal but it's something that would bug me a little.

I would encourage you to look at the S200. At the very least, get the high capacity VidPro battery. The S100 battery life is pretty short with the standard battery.

Good luck,


8th of June 2002 (Sat), 23:24

12th of June 2002 (Wed), 00:29
I just got a new S330 and have been recording 1600 x 1200 images using the Superfine compression. Typical file sizes from the first 20 images are 500k to 800k. There are two images in these first 20 with file sizes of 1452 kb and 1190 kb. What I think this means is Canon just changed their literature to reflect more of what is a more typical file size. They didnt change the actual compression as I still can get file sizes close to 1458 kb.

I hope this helps!

12th of June 2002 (Wed), 02:50
Thanks, that does help.