View Full Version : Yarc switches - how to switch?

25th of May 2001 (Fri), 15:19
I have tried the yarc "converter" and it seems to do the trick for me. But I have problems with the switches. In DOS I have to type the command to set it to only extract jpg., but I do not know how to type or start/use the program to do this. Now I get the whole lot: jpg, tiff, index and so on when dragging the files to the yarc shortcut, and the tiff-conversion is unnecessary in the first rounds and it slows things down. I know it can run in the background, but it would be nice to get the switches do their thing.

Can someone explain in a little more detail than the help file in yarc how to set the switches ?


26th of May 2001 (Sat), 16:19
Here's the shortcut I use for converting JPG thumbs only, with highest CPU priority: