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2nd of April 2001 (Mon), 00:01
Looking forward for your constructive criticisms... here are a couple of macro pics. First is centered, instead of following the third rule... the second has a shallow depth of field, and the third as well.. but let me hear your opinion: how could I improve these kind of shots more ? nadim


2nd of April 2001 (Mon), 05:04
Good work, how did you get that ant into frame?

Those yellow flowers seem a little overexposed, if they were darker the texture and color could be more deep.

For the ant shot I'd try to find a way to get the camera to the level of the ants (dig a pit for the camera!) so that the viewer would really come into their level and not look from the top as normally humans do.

2nd of April 2001 (Mon), 12:00
HI Pekka, thanks for taking the time to review these pics.

I have another ant image: http://home.earthlink.net/~nayared/DancingAnts.jpg

Two ants "dancing" together, taken at a better eye level, but the problem is the shallow depth of field... I had to use a higher sensitivity (200) and to get acceptable shutter speed with available light, had to open shutter at 4.0. Next time, I'll try adding external light source.

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

3rd of April 2001 (Tue), 15:34
Thats a much more interesting angle. Bugs Life here I come! The 4.0f is still plenty more DoF than in SLR's, but 8.0 would be great. Can the ants handle the heat from the lights? Do you have a terrarium or where you shoot those ants?

BTW, did you see http://www.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1010&message=912379 where Carlos Methfessel used Canon Macro lens with B300 for longer DoF?

3rd of April 2001 (Tue), 23:48
Hi Pekka,

I don't have a terrarium... I can hear my wife screaming if I only mention this. No, that was me, on my knees, in the driveway, where the grass meets the driveway... found a spot where ants feel safe, in a hole, but where I can place my macro lens and shoot.

By the way, interesting thread on dpreview. I don't have (yet) the B300 (see the debates where Nahau nailed me down on optical vs advanced numeric zoom).. I need to check the output filter thread of the B-300 to see if it fits my filter set. I'll keep you posted when I'll invest in a B-300. Next on my budget list are the B-300 and the 1Gb Microdrive.