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5th of June 2007 (Tue), 23:00
Couple of shots from this weekends wedding. Comments and criticisms please, always room for improvement.







5th of June 2007 (Tue), 23:49
I love your zoom images - they imply motion without the zoom streaking over the bride and groom. :)

I'm not too fond of the crop on the last image. I don't know why. ^^;

5th of June 2007 (Tue), 23:54
nice job - GREAT looking couple :)

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 00:05
I love #4! Great Job!

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 01:28
#3 is my favorite because the bride looks so stunning. #5 I dont like at all the frosting is not interesting enough to take such a detailed shot of it. The motion blur is fun for 1 image but I would tone it down a bit. Great Photos!

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 05:58
Good shots although I don't care for #5 - not a very good shot of the cake and really couldn't tell it was a cake. Maybe #6 could have been cropped differently - not really sure about it.

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 07:57
nice shots, however, i am seeing yellow splots on the wedding dress?

first one just doesnt look crisp enough to me, but its a nice capture
second one is really nice, love the black and hwite
third one is the one i am seeing the yellow splot on the back of her dress, looks a little blown too.

fourth one is really cute, however, i would not have put the radial blur quite so close to the people, i would have spread the circle out a bit.

fifth - cake - ? just not enough detail , i would prefer to see more of the cake,

sixth one is just a tad bit too dark.

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 08:38
I like all of them except for #5. Dont really care for the composition.

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 10:03
I really like #4. Great photo! :)

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 10:27
The shots are OK, maybe a tad under-exposed. Some fill-flash would have helped these.

I noticed many of these are at smaller apertures (f11 and greater), high shutter speeds (1/160) and high ISO (1600).

You don't need F11 for DOF on these style shots, and 1/160 is a little fast as a shutter speed. And ISO 1600 is not required either in the lighting conditions here.

So the overall image quality could be improved by lowering the ISO and maybe selecting a wider apeture and adding some fill flash.

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 10:35
Very nice photos, but is it me, or am I seeing blue tones in 1 and 2? I think the motion blur works for #4, but take down the intensity, its a bit too much IMO. #1 is a great still shot, and it doesn't really need the motion blur (and maybe it'd work better for me if we were further away from the couple). May I suggest a vignette for #1.

and if you have a moment I'd do a little face work on the groomsman in #2. he has a little bit of achene and that's easy to fix.

Very nice stuff, good framing, you caught some nice moments

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 10:42
I noticed many of these are at smaller apertures (f11 and greater), high shutter speeds (1/160) and high ISO (1600).


Hope I'm not double posting. Anyways, Mike, do you just have a keen eye or did Kyle post his EV's and I didn't see it.

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 10:52
Hope I'm not double posting. Anyways, Mike, do you just have a keen eye or did Kyle post his EV's and I didn't see it.

I was born with a sixth sense which allows me to see hidden information in digital files :lol:

When that fails I just check the EXIF for the info,

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 11:09
Some white balance issues...
Gosh she looks like Eva Mendes.
It appears you are adding a radial blur in photoshop. Is that correct? It seems to work in your photos.

The cake... well... it looks like none of it is in focus so I have no idea where to be looking in the photo. Probably because you used the 50 1.8 which can't focus worth a darn... hahaha. At least, mine couldn't focus accurately at all...

Good BW conversion in 2.
6 I'm not crazy about either. It's usually better to shoot from the side of the bride where the hair is parted, so her hair doesn't cover her face... unless you are purposely going for a mysterious look... which this photo doesn't seem to be doing. The faces are also kinda dark... maybe use a little more red channel in the BW conversion?

all in all good stuff.

6th of June 2007 (Wed), 11:20
Overall good work. I am not feeling the cake shot too much. I really like the blurs...