View Full Version : Corrupted Images?

7th of June 2002 (Fri), 11:16
I downloaded some images taken on my G1 using Zoombrowser. I created some layouts in Photo Record and all was fine. A couple of weeks later I downloaded a trial of QImage. When pointing it to one of my image folders, it noted that two of the images were corrupt and does not even show a thumbnal. Zoombrowser still shows the thumbnail but the image itself is corrupt. I still happened to have the original on the CF card and when I access it via the camera, it too is corrupt.

I don't understand how I successfully got the image from the CF card to the computer, used and printed it but now it seems to be corrupt everywhere. I find the fact that it is corrupt on the CF card especially puzzling. I'm new to all of this so any insight will be appreciated. I don't want to be placing more images at risk if it is something I may have done.