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18th of June 2007 (Mon), 07:16
The Knitters grew out of noted LA punk band X, when they hooked on w/ Blasters guitarist Dave Alvin (who would later replace original guitar player billy zoom for the 5th or 6th record) and traded in their punk sound for a full-on acoustic roots revival. after their debut lp in the 80s, they followed it up w/ another one a couple of years ago, and were on the road to play some rip-roarin' songs spawned from the same headwaters as hank williams, jerry lee lewis, link wray and other such giants.


#2 John Doe

#3 DJ Bonebrake, playing small snare, tiny cymbal, and a wash tub converted to kick drum

#4 5 to go

#5 all but dave alvin

#6 dave

#7 Exene


18th of June 2007 (Mon), 10:29
Hey Narlus,
Nice set, Very Vibrant Colours, 6 and 8 stand out the most for me, i also like what you have captured in No1.

Nice colours and framing dude.


18th of June 2007 (Mon), 12:18
Yup, nice set with a great variety, great color, and even with the bass clipped great images.

18th of June 2007 (Mon), 19:52
Really interesting set, I just noticed the drummers shirt...got to love it. I agree with James, #6 and #8 stand out for me too.

18th of June 2007 (Mon), 20:15
Number 8 does it for me, follow by a tie between 5 and 6. I simply love the framing and colors on 8

I may have to go back to my old photos now to dig out some captures of X, back in the day. But first I need to go out on the stairs and smoke a cigarette alone.;)

19th of June 2007 (Tue), 09:51
#3 for me... I like the set color combinations, and the different compositions...

René Damkot
20th of June 2007 (Wed), 08:03
#1 and 5 don't work for me, but you've captured some very nice expressions in the rest.