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13th of June 2002 (Thu), 19:32
I went to Point Reyes National Seashore a while back hoping for some great wildlife and ocean shots. Unfortunately, it was so foggy I could barely see my own feet. So I settled for "foggy path" shots.

What do you think? Too much road? Too grey?


Thanks guys.

13th of June 2002 (Thu), 23:46
I love those, especially the first one. The second may have just a little too much pavement in it, but that's probably a matter of taste.

14th of June 2002 (Fri), 11:44
Thanks for your comments. :)

14th of June 2002 (Fri), 16:04
That first one is very good. Moody and full of feeling. The cropping is perfect.

14th of June 2002 (Fri), 18:45

I think that the 1st one is best -- but that the second one -- given a crop is a close second because of its unusual pattern and peek thru to green.

But you are right… both are a bit gray, and just waiting for a burst of sun to light up the background …. or to bring some diagonal rays into the scene.

Here's hoping you have another foggy day!


20th of June 2002 (Thu), 12:33
I like them both.

I feel myslef leaning to the left when I view the first one - the tilting trees combined with the left-curving road -reinforced by the green roadsides leads my eye to the left.

21st of June 2002 (Fri), 01:30
I like both of them. I have to agree with Jim, a crop excluding some of the path in the foreground would give the second photo much more impact.

Nice work! :)

7th of August 2002 (Wed), 10:21
All these great pointers make me want to go back and try these shots again. But it's an eight hour drive!!! :(

Thanks for commenting guys. :)

7th of August 2002 (Wed), 18:25
They almost look B&W with green . I love the effect of the fog.