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1st of July 2007 (Sun), 11:51
I woke up and saw some fog outside, so I went to try to capture it.

Comments are welcome. :) I didn't tweak the contrast a lot for obvious reasons, just changed the colors a bit, and applied a very slight sharpening.

Just two images here.

1st of July 2007 (Sun), 12:31
Lovely first shot! I wish I had areas like that where I lived :D.

1st of July 2007 (Sun), 13:29
You have captured a great moment. To add to the first photo maybe having something i.e. animal, house, lake, etc. would add to the moment! I can't say anything though because at least you had awareness to wake up get the shot! ;-)

1st of July 2007 (Sun), 14:26
The first one is great, doesn''t need anything IMHO to make it stand out compositionaly, it does very well as it is.

It does need some levels adjustment as the histogram isn't as tight as it could be and also some contrast.

1st of July 2007 (Sun), 14:46
That's a bad day for me if i have to go into work being a weather forecaster... but seriously great shots. I like the first one!

1st of July 2007 (Sun), 17:35
I like the first one best which has depth as well as being atmospheric.

1st of July 2007 (Sun), 17:45
I find the first one captivating!

The second one doesn't do too much for me.


2nd of July 2007 (Mon), 10:11
Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Swift1: "I wish I had areas like that where I lived" is what I've often found myself thinking while looking at the images on these forums, heh.
Rammy: I was thinking of not increasing the contrast in order to keep the fog looking as it really was at that time. But apart from that, yes, it could use more contrast. :)

Apparently the first one is the winner of the two. Of course, I would have been curious to hear any suggestions about what to do to improve the second one, whether with words or edited image... if there's anything that would help it. ;)

Thanks again.

2nd of July 2007 (Mon), 23:03
wow. really great pictures here

2nd of July 2007 (Mon), 23:07
The first shot is a real winner. Nice job!