View Full Version : Do you record time per client ?

4th of July 2007 (Wed), 04:47
Just wondering how many people are recording the time they spend per client and I dont mean on the actual day of coverage I mean all the extra stuff, whether its first meetings, meeting just before wedding day, time preparing proofs, albums, reprints, thankyou cards, correspondence with them etc .... it amazes me how much it varies from one client to another, some need hardly any contact wheras others want 5 conversations and proofs just to pick thankyou cards :)

Weve been recording everything on spreadsheets whilst weve been getting going but now were finding our feet and our processes are forming were considering formalising some of our stuff a bit more by using MYOB for our finance stuff and are just deciding how deep we want to record things.

We dont want to bog ourselves down too much with recording everything but it would also be nice to see the true costs for each client even if were charging the same for standard things..... thoughts on this ?

4th of July 2007 (Wed), 06:25
I don't record per client, but it might be an interesting exercise. I might add that to the list of things my CRM tool will let you do :)

I have a feel for the time it takes, and some are much more than others like you say.

4th of July 2007 (Wed), 10:37
I don't do it but probably should so I can see exactly what my profit is. And perchance I have a bridezilla who bitches about the cost, I can show her exactly what she's getting for her money. :)

Phil V
4th of July 2007 (Wed), 13:13
When I started working out my prices I estimated my time and multiplied it by 2 different rates, 1 for shooting and 1 for album creation etc.
ATM though, if you're really serious about going full time, you should keep recording your time because it'll give you a better idea of your actual potential earnings.