View Full Version : Viewing S30 as external drive under Win98

17th of June 2002 (Mon), 07:03

I have a Powershot S30 and am running Win98SE, and have been looking for a way to connect the camera so that it appears on my PC as an external harddrive.

It seems Canon has not provided drivers to do this (for Win98 at least). Does anyone know why this is? It should certainly not be impossible, since a friend of mine has an Olympus (Camedia - not sure which model exactly) which has USB drivers for Win98, and my PC picks up his camera immediately and maps it to a new drive. Is there some way to make the TWAIN driver behave like this (ie: make it map a new drive when the camera is connected)?

I am using Breeze Downloader at the moment, but I would prefer having the camera mapped as a harddrive.

Any help would be appreciated!


17th of June 2002 (Mon), 08:34
It's not possible to do it in Win98/2000, because Canon chose not to. USB Auto-connect is a selling feature of the Olympus cameras that most manufacturers haven't adopted for Win98/2000.

See this post, which asks the same question: http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=3399