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7th of July 2007 (Sat), 00:50
I love this idea hopefully it will catch on


7th of July 2007 (Sat), 02:09
It's been posted before, but I always enjoy watching it as I love Matt and Sol's work. I think that most wedding photographer's out there are salivating at the chance to have a TTD session with a bride and/or groom, I know I am.

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 04:27
There's some big threads on it around here. Also take a look at


7th of July 2007 (Sat), 12:17
Incredible...Incredible photos

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 12:58
WOW. Amazing shoot!

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 15:49
A lot of DWF members are doing these. I offer them but haven't had any takers yet.

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 16:35
im trying to talk my wife intoi this shes had her wedding dress in a box for years

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 19:19
Actually it is getting huge and catching on big time. Sign up for their email list and you will see some great photogs on a regular basis

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 19:45
I can definitely see the fun in this, but I know that no woman in my family could ever do this, intentionally at least. My sister just had her wedding last Tuesday. I think I'll tell her about this when she comes back from the honeymoon. She'll get a good laugh out of it. :)

7th of July 2007 (Sat), 20:37
I've considered hiring a model and buying a cheap gown from David's Bridal, just so I can have examples to show customers. I think it would be a lot of fun. :)

Jim G
7th of July 2007 (Sat), 21:05
Heh, great idea there. Those guys do some amazing shots, too.