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17th of June 2002 (Mon), 22:04
Hi there-

I just got my 1D and for the first time I thought I'd try and get some architecture/commercial type shots. I've never really tried it before except for snapshots of my house. :)

It took a few tries to get the starburst effect on the pole lights without blowing out highlights, but now that I've got it I'm not sure if it was a good idea.

I did this at the start of a thunderstorm hoping to catch some "mood" and to try and highlight the lighting and landscaping that those fools at the bank paid so much for.

I tried to frame it so that it would crop nicely to a 8x10.

Ok, I know the branch manager and he's a sucker for shots of his bank -- so I thought I'd play around.

Suggestions please? I've never done this type of subject before and I don't know where I should head...

(The quality was cut down for the web photo, of course.. the original is crisp and clean -- I was thrilled when I downloaded it and saw how crisp it was)

Thanks in advance,

Photo Link: http://www.bostonterrier.org/auctions/unibank.jpg

18th of June 2002 (Tue), 13:47
I think it would be a nice shot without the big starburst. It kind of overpowers the rest of the picture.

18th of June 2002 (Tue), 21:34

I do not see just where you can go. The lighting on the building seems nice. But it does not seem to convey much of a narrative -- although the lack of inside lighting suggests that everyone has gone home.

So as where to head.. I am just not the creative guy. I guess that I would look for other bank building shots, and see what makes them tick and at what time of the day. Like if the bank was decorated at Xmas.. or Halloween.. or something... or if it had some banner re a parade day. Anyway, I do not see a beautiful building here -- or a story.

Have I been too tough?


18th of June 2002 (Tue), 21:53
Thanks Howie-

Exactly what I wanted. I too, do not see a story or anything worth the film. (hah, if i had any) I was hoping someone with more experience shooting things like this could just drop some pearls of wisdom on me.

Most of my work is journalistic, so I'm just starting to stray into "artistic" photography. Sadly, though, the journalistic photography pays the bills -- so most of my time is spent on that. I'm used to just having to worry about how I'm physically going to capture the subject -- not how I'm artisically going to do it. It's a whole other ballgame when your subject isn't moving!

I'm looking for a "before" shot for a before/after that is supposed to be used in the press release in a local weekly after the bank remodels. I'll keep at it and see if I can get "something" in to draw the eye to.
Hopefully I can get something interesting.