View Full Version : Smelling like a rose

10th of July 2007 (Tue), 20:11
Working on breaking in the new 30D -- any CC welcomed, as I am still trying to learn as much as I can. This was shot in manual mode with my 28-135 IS lens at 56mm, 1/800'', F4.5, iso 100


10th of July 2007 (Tue), 20:40
How about bringing down the exposure and adding some contrast (or perhaps saturation)?

otherwise nothing really stands out. No "single" flower to focus on.


Tee Why
11th of July 2007 (Wed), 00:59
composition seems unbalanced to me, it's either not close enough for an intimate shot or not far enough to get a better more landscape like view. The reds are a bit overblown, using a RGB histogram to not overexpose the red channels may be warranted.

Keep shooting though.

11th of July 2007 (Wed), 09:21
thanks for the feed back -- I see what you mean by the composition. When you say the reds are overblown, how can that be remedied in PS? I have done no post processing to the image.