View Full Version : Who (or what) are 'hidden users?'

19th of June 2004 (Sat), 10:52
I notice at the bottom of the index page a summary of registered members, guests, and hidden users that are logged on.

I understand the first two, but what are hidden users?

(Just for my own edification)


19th of June 2004 (Sat), 10:57
It simply means that some want to be "anonymous" as to when they read the forum. Obviously they will reveal themselves when they post (if they post).

In a forum like this I don't really understand why.

You can change that in the profile.

Also the administrator can always see hidden users.

19th of June 2004 (Sat), 12:13
I always show up but maybe some people would think that if they were in the room just checking messages, and didn't have time to post anything, they wouldn't want anyone to think they are rude by not posting. For example, if I posted a message for you belmodo, and I saw you were in the room, but you didnt answer, I might say to myself, gee how rude, he's not talking to me?
That is the main reason I can think of that someone would want to be anonomous while in here.
If that made sense :D