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29th of July 2007 (Sun), 14:55
Last night we had a beautiful clear sky and full moon here in the Detroit area. I grabbed my a640 and went to the backyard. Unfortunately, all of the photos ended up terrible. All you could see was a big gray circle on a black background. It looked like something you could draw in photoshop. I tried using many combinations of settings but nothing turned out good. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to take good photos of the night sky.

Thanks for any help :)

29th of July 2007 (Sun), 14:58
The moon's (regardless of the time) always having a sunny day, so set your camera for manual exposure, ISO 100, 1/800 sec. and f/5.6. And use a tripod. All the night sky will throw off your meter.

29th of July 2007 (Sun), 16:55
Post an example.

29th of July 2007 (Sun), 18:08
Sorry but I deleted all of them. I didn't think to ask about it until today.

29th of July 2007 (Sun), 19:55
it is possible to a certain degree, prolly more so if you strapped the camera to a telescope? has to be manual mode though.

here's something i had a play with awile ago, manual mode, wide, iso100, f/2.8, 15secs, custom timer - 0secs delay 10 shots, mini tripod. layered them altogether and used a freeware noise reduction util and there was a whole heap of noise and hot spots everywhere. i love my a620 but i soooo want a dslr *sigh* one day....


30th of July 2007 (Mon), 12:30
If you have a small telescope, try to shoot the moon with it! :D








30th of July 2007 (Mon), 12:31

Thanks for watching!

30th of July 2007 (Mon), 15:01
Excellent shots Neil. Could you give your settings used on the A610?

30th of July 2007 (Mon), 15:44
Not only your settings, but what telescope did you use. My daughter wants to get into astronomy. We have the a610 and was going to give it to our daughter to use. Thanks.


30th of July 2007 (Mon), 16:53
what if you spotted something crazy sitting on the moon, like some buildings. that would be nuts!

Those shots with your a610 are insane - very nice job with your telescope! :D

6th of August 2007 (Mon), 06:46
Sorry for bringing this thread alive.

Here is my setting. I used a Chinese-made refractor (1000mm f/10) with a 40mm eyepiece. Any telescope may do the job well.

I don't have any tool for attaching, instead I put the the camera lens as close as possible to the eyepiece. That's commonly known as afocal method.

Here are some must-read articles:

Usually I use ISO 400 and auto white balance. Chromatic dispersion (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chromatic_dispersion&redirect=no) is really an issue. Cheap refractors share the same problem. To avoid that, you can take black-and-white shots. Focus is the most difficult part. I get start with macro mode. Please remember to take a few shots for choosing.

Slightly zoom the camera lens and you will get a bigger moon shot.:D