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27th of June 2002 (Thu), 21:49
I just bought an open box G2 from a store and the directions come in two seperate books one in english and the other spanish is there a way by looking at the camera to see if the camera is an import or a new USA model? Because what stops some one from getting a gray market camera and switching it with a new USA camera and pay the restocking fee?



27th of June 2002 (Thu), 22:30
The box appears to come "open" i.e., without a tape seal.

If it is a USA retail package, the camera body serial number will be on the outside of the box as well as stamped on the USA warranty slip. Compare the camera body serial number (found on the bottom of the camera) with the number on the box and warranty card.

The grey market versions will not have the USA warranty, may or may not have all the accessories (battery, lens cap, strap, etc.) and software. Usually, the grey market packages do not have the printed retail box, although this can vary significantly.

Usually the USA warranty slip with matching body number is your best indication of a "legal" package.

28th of June 2002 (Fri), 06:59
Ok there is no warranty card at all The serial number does match the boxes but the boxes has 5 languages on it do all Canon G2 boxes have 5 languahes on it? . It just seems very strange that the boxes has 2 manuals in 2 languges!


for the help


28th of June 2002 (Fri), 12:35
My box had the 5 languages on it. Nothing special about this as it saves them manufacturing and production costs, similar to many electronics manuals that are written in multiple languages. One size fits all :)

My G2 came with both hardware and software manuals in English and Spanish - I carefully placed the latter versions in the trash can ;)

No warranty card would raise a flag for me as would the mismatched serial numbers.

28th of June 2002 (Fri), 13:19
Thats ok the store offered to give me a free three year warranty !!

So I am happy now




28th of June 2002 (Fri), 13:48
make sure its through canon and not their store oh yeah, my came with a englissh and spanish manual too

28th of June 2002 (Fri), 15:28
Who backs up the warranty can be more important than the duration in many cases.

You might want to find out whether the warranty is from a Canon repair shop (unlikely), a reasonably competent (often difficult to verify) 3rd party repair shop, or something like "Joes camera repair and gutter cleaning" ???

19th of July 2002 (Fri), 16:32
I bought mine at Wolf Camera at a local mall in Tennessee (cant get more American/non-grey market than that), and it came with a multi lingual box and manual (spanish and english), but a USA warranty card. The serial number indicates what market the camera was intended for, and Canon can tell when the recieve the item for repair/replacement.